We develop custom solutions for Events, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Industries and Experiences where specific vocabulary, scheduling, dates, times, experiences and offerings that are not typically part of a common knowledge base.


  • Voice / Text Interactive Agents
  • These applications allow the user to ask questions, communicate and engage by voice or text. The system can be trained to understand and respond with specific layers of information relevant to the users or customers. Knowledge domains can be specific to events, coded communication, industry or location.
  • Data Analysis Harvesting and Processing
    Cognitive solutions for processing and interpreting data. Real time data harvesting and visualization tools using Vocifery technology. Harvest, evaluate, and store key data to identify trends, sentiment, value and opportunities.
  • Opportunity Based Sales Solutions
  • Identify local customers and interact in realtime. Convert highly valuable sales leads into customers by understanding, observing and introducing products or promotions.