Text Mining & Processing, Chatterbot & Conversational Apps

DataWasp We use data processing technology to read and interpret text, process data and provide methods to sort, visualize, and extract structured data. We also develop conversational apps, talkbots, chatbots, and other custom machine interactive solutions


Text mining, text pattern recognition and text data visualization models, text data summarization, sentiment analysis, intuitive modeling, archive document processing, and text data software customization. Visit textsift.com


Custom tools and apps developed to interact with users, intelligent interactive assistants, character apps, robot personality development, event and entertainment applications, conversational agents, chatbots and other natural language parsing and dialog systems.


Applying data science modeling for marketing, forecasting, educational research and business applications. Automated data cleansing, cognitive search, identifying, sorting, tagging and domain knowledge development. Visit vocifery.com

Text Data Processing Software

Text Analysis, Text Mining, Text and Document Solutions to Identify, Extract & Process Text Data

Developing software and AI solutions to process text data, data streams and data archives. Custom data science applications for extracting, sorting, and analyzing data. We develop tools for time series forecasting, visualization modeling, evolutionary modeling and data stream processing.

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